Campbell, Janie Magee: Oral History

Born in Summit, MS, near McComb, JANIE MAGEE CAMPBELL became a part of history when she and about 300 other students at Burglund Senior High School in McComb, MS, walked out in protest of what they saw as an injustice to fellow student Brenda Travis. Ms. Travis had been arrested earlier due to her involvement with a sit-in at the Greyhound Bus station and as a result was suspended by the principal, Commodore Higgins.

Ms. Campbell talks about her experience with the Burglund High School walkout and shows that the Civil Rights Movement wasn’t just big names, it was the everyday high school students, too.

Ms. Campbell’s oral history, part one:

Pike County – Interview with Janie Magee Campbell 01 from Winter Institute on Vimeo.

Part one of her oral history can also be viewed here.