Corstarphen, Lillie: Oral History

Lillie Corstarphen grew up in the rural area of Pike County on a farm with her family. She grew up with five brothers, five sisters, and her parents. Despite farming the land for someone else and living below the poverty line, Corstarphen says that she was never poor because of her family and had a good childhood. When Corstarphen was to enter the ninth grade, her family moved to McComb, Mississippi, where she attended Burglund High School, now Higgins Middle School. After graduating from high school, Corstarphen moved to Ohio where she stayed a few years until moving back to McComb, Mississippi. In these videos, Corstarphen recalls the horrors of racism in McComb during segregation and the progress McComb has made since that time.

Part one of Lillie Corsatrphen’s oral history:

Pike County – Lillie Corstarphen 01 from Winter Institute on Vimeo.

Part one of Lillie Corstarphen’s oral history can also be found here.


William Winter Institute for Racial Reconciliation