Harris, Thomas: Oral History

Thomas Harris is a native of McComb, Mississippi and has seen McComb change over the years. He grew up with his two parents and five brothers. His father worked at the post office, and his mother was a home maker. His father ensured that all six brothers went to college, so after Harris graduated from Burglund High School, he went to Rust College to earn his Bachelors of Science in Biology. At Rust College, he was a part of the science club, basketball team, and football team. After Rust College, he went back to McComb to teach and coach basketball at Burgland High School. He was also one of the first black teachers to teach at the white junior high school in 1968. In this album, Thomas Harris talks about the bombings in McComb and integrations effects on McComb. He discusses the progress of McComb and ways to improve the town.

Thomas Harris’ Oral History, part one:

Pike County – Thomas Harris 01 from Winter Institute on Vimeo.

Part one of Thomas Harris’s oral history can also be found here.


William Winter Institute for Racial Reconciliation