Burglund Supermarket and Masonic Temple

The Burglund Supermarket was joint business venture established in the 1950s by local black businessmen, Mr. G.W. Martin, Mr. Pete Lewis, Mr. Percy Larry, Mr. Charlie Gavden, and Mr. Jack Morgan.

The Masonic Temple (Eureka Lodge No. 5) was located above the market. It was the site of voter registration classes and housed the SNCC office in the 1960s. The supermarket was bombed on August 17, 1964, when most of the McComb civil rights workers had gone to New Orleans to a dinner for the Hefners, a white family who had been forced to leave McComb because they supported the Movement.

In the fall of 1961, the Masonic Temple and St. Paul United Methodist Church served as a temporary high school for approximately 100 Burglund High School students who had been suspended for participating in a the student walkout. Ninth and tenth grades were held at the Masonic Temple and eleventh and twelfth grades were held at St. Paul.

The owners of the Burglund Supermarket were part of the community network who provided lunches for the protesting students and gave money and food to support other Movement activities.