Flower Mount Baptist Church

On the third Sunday in June of 1870 sixty-five African Americans met under the brush arbor to organize a church. From 1870-1883, church services were held in an old Union army barracks. According to the country records, the land was sold to the Colored Baptist Church of McComb in 1883, purchased from the Mississippi Valley Company, for the price of $200.00. The elected trustees were John Webb, Nolan Green, Henry Kenny, P.A. Preston, Wilford Washington, and George Walker.

In the spring of 1884, the laying of the foundation took place, but the underground barracks were maintained for the safety of Flowery mount and community members who feared retribution by the KKK. While construction was being completed, the church held worship service in a tent on the property. In 1885 – within one year of laying the foundation – members held their first service the building. That wood frame building was destroyed by a storm in 1909, and a concrete block building replaced it.

Civil rights meetings were held at Flowery Mount, but it was not bombed during the rash of attacks in McComb. According to the late Argentine Johnson, it was not bombed because the men of the church took turns during the night standing guard.