DeWeese Lumber Company

The DeWeese Sawmill and Mercantile Store, owned by A. B. DeWeese, came to Philadelphia with the railroad in 1905. DeWeese Lumber Company was one of the largest employers of African-Americans in the county. In 1966, DeWeese Lumber Company was sold […]

Deemer Lumber Company

At Deemer Lumber Company, the work force was evenly divided between blacks and whites. Because of working side by side, many good relationships grew between the races. Sources: Neshoba County: African-American Heritage Driving Tour of Philadelphia Mississippi.

Delta Inn

The Delta Inn was built circa 1920 in Sumner as a railroad and residence hotel by Mr. Zachariah Edward Jennings. The jury in the Bryant/ Milam trial for the racially motivated murder of 14-year-old Emmett Till stayed here in September […]

Dubose’s Barber Shop

Dubose’s Barber Shop in Moss Point was a meeting place for community members engaged in civil rights work in the area. The Mississippi State Sovereignty Commission had informers and agents observe the barber shop. Sources: Files of the Mississippi State […]