Galloway United Methodist Church

In 1963, contrary to the policy of the national United Methodist Church, Galloway’s board voted to bar African Americans from worship at their church. When five African Americans were denied admission to Galloway that spring, the pastor, Dr. W.B. Selah, […]

George Washington Carver – Hopewell

The school was located on County Road 553. In 1928, the black farmers in the Hopewell Community decided to build a school that was the first black high school. The Rosenwald Foundation covered half the expense for construction. A local […]

Glendora Gin

An old metal fan used for ginning cotton was taken from this gin, the Glendora Gin Company, by Roy Bryant and J.W. Milam. After shooting 14-year-old Emmett Till in the head, the men attached the fan, weighing about 70 pounds, […]

Grand Gulf Nuclear Power Plant Controversy

Grand Gulf Nuclear Power Plant Controversy (2003-2005): In 1985, the “Grand Gulf” energy plant was established in Port Gibson in Claiborne County. By October of 2003, Entergy, an energy corporation based in New Orleans, submitted a request to expand Grand Gulf […]

Grave Site of Fannie Lou Hamer

In 1969, Fannie Lou Hamer bought 40 acres of land to use as a cooperative “Freedom Farm.” The co-op allowed area families to receive vegetables from the farm for a modest one-dollar membership fee. The co-op ultimately went bankrupt, possibly […]

Greyhound Bus Station

The McComb Greyhound Bus Station is remembered by Movement people as a place of violence and vicious attacks on black people who tried to exercise their rights to equal accommodations on public transportation. During the early 1960s, when the Freedom […]

Gulfside Assembly

Established in 1923 by Bishop Robert E. Jones, Gulfside Assembly is a 60-acre retreat and recreation center situated in picturesque Waveland, MS, facing the Gulf of Mexico. In the 1990s, Gulfside was completely renovated, including a restoration of six original […]