L.C. Eiland Middle School

Prior to integration, Louisville, Mississippi, had two high schools: Louisville High School and Louisville Colored High School. When both schools were integrated, Louisville High School retained its name. Louisville Colored High School was changed to L.C. Eiland Middle School and […]

Lanier High School

On May 30, 1963, students at Lanier High School participated in a walk out protesting Woolworth’s treatment of some students from Tougaloo. School officials called police who showed up with dogs to break up their congregation of freedom singing on […]

Lincoln Theatre

The Lincoln was the black community’s theater and was located at the intersection between North Maple and Church St. in the shadow of the Southern Railroad train depot in downtown Laurel. It “offered customers a healthy diversion from the paralyzing […]

Longdale High School

Longdale High School, located near Mt. Zion United Methodist Church, was built in 1948. The people of Mt. Zion and the neighboring Poplar Springs Community borrowed $7,000 from a white Philadelphia businessman and were granted $5,000 from the state. A […]

Lyric Theatre

The Lyric Theater was located in Uptown Tupelo. African Americans were allowed to attend movies at the Lyric, but were forced to sit in a reserved section in the balcony exclusively for blacks and were forced to enter through a […]