Panther Burn Plantation

The black church inside Panther Burn Plantation served as a meeting place for many civil rights organizers, including the COFO, in and around Sharkey County. Source: Mississippi Sovereignty Commission, Mississippi Department of Archives & History

Parchman, Mississippi State Penitentiary

Parchman is the Mississippi State Penitentiary. During the Freedom Rides in 1961, Freedom Riders were arrested in Jackson for challenging segregation on public buses. Twenty-seven riders rode from Montgomery, Alabama to Jackson on May 24, 1961. As soon as they […]

Philadelphia High School

Philadelphia High School was an all-white school until Ajatha Morris Nichols, Carrie Lee Hoskins, and Irma Carter integrated it under the “Freedom of Choice Plan.”The school was fully integrated by a Supreme Court order in January 1970. During that year, […]

Pratt Memorial United Methodist Church

Pratt Memorial was also one of Jackson’s twenty churches where nightly meetings were held to support the boycott of downtown merchants. On the day following the murder of Benjamin Brown, a group of 150, including Charles Evers, marched form Pratt […]