Segregation in Stone

(1960’s) Even though there were not many demonstrations in Stone County there was still discrimination in public facilities. Blacks could only watch the movies from the upstairs balcony of the movie theater. Other public facilities, like cafés and lounges, were also segregated. Some blacks mingled and socialized at hole in the wall juke joints and others formed bridge because there was no other facility for them to socialize. They did not have nice facilities, water parks, café and lounges. There was a popular burger stand that the local white children frequented. However, blacks had to go to the back to get their food from a small window. They were not allowed to sit at the tables and eat with other whites.

The pickle plant located in Wiggins, MS, was owned by Beatrice Foods, a black-owned company. Blacks and whites were allowed to work there together. A lot of children worked there in the summer to earn a little extra money.

During the time the Civil Rights, blacks and whites basically stayed to themselves. Stone County was so small that it had very few problems.


Interview, Needham Jones, principal of the Locker High School.