NAACP of Stone

Stone County did have a National Advancement Association of Colored People (NAACP) chapter. The NAACP chapter was located in Wiggins, MS. With all of the crucial civil rights demonstrations going on in Mississippi and surrounding states, the Wiggins chapter was moved to have some demonstrations. At the meetings, the members discussed strategies and how they will conduct these demonstrations. Even though there were not many demonstrations, the members were prepared just in case some instances called for demonstrations and protests. The main focus of the NAACP chapter in Wiggins was making sure black children had the same opportunities as their white counterparts. NAACP was active in making sure when the school integrated the black teachers could keep their jobs. There was also not much KKK action in Stone County.

Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee came to the Wiggins NAACP hall during the Civil Rights era and talked about some types of demonstrations that the members could do, but none ever took place.


Interview, Needham Jones, principal of the Locker High School.