Fannie Lou Hamer Home Site

From her niece’s home in the community of Cascilla, Mississippi, SNCC worker Charles McLaurin took Mrs. Hamer to Tougaloo College in Jackson, Mississippi in the fall of 1962. At Tougaloo they joined a group of SNCC field workers heading to an organizing conference in Nashville, Tennessee. Following the conference, Mrs. Hamer went on a speaking tour, then returned to Sunflower County.

In late 1962, Mrs. Hamer’s husband left the Marlow Plantation. He rented a house that formerly stood on this site in the shade of the pecan tree. The first group of “Freedom Summer” volunteers met Mrs. Hamer on this site in 1964.
Continue west on Lafayette. Turn left on OB Aveue. At the end of the block, turn left onto Quiver Street/ State Highway 8. At the first right, turn right onto L.F. Packer Drive. Proceed south two blocks to Fannie Lou Hamer Drive. Turn left; the next stop is on the right, just past the intersection wit Carlton Street.