Home of Herman & Hattie Sisson

Night riders were a very real danger to supporters of the Civil Rights Movement, especially so in the autumn of 1962. On the night of September 10, they fired multiple gunshots into the Sisson’s home. Mr. and Mrs. Sisson were being visited by their granddaughter, Vivian Hillet and her friend, Marylene Burks, both of whom were on their way to Jackson State University in Mississippi’s capital city. As historian John Dittmer notes in his book, Local People, “Burks was shot in the head; Hillet was wounded in the arms and legs.” According to Dittmer, when SNCC worker Charlie Cobb went to the hospital to visit the young women he was arrested by Ruleville mayor, Charles Dorrough, who claimed that Cobb “shot into the home as a publicity stunt to raise money for SNCC.”
Continue east on Elisha and Everett Langdon Street for two blocks. Turn right onto Center Avenue. At the next intersection, turn left onto Elma Nash Boulevard (formerly Reden Street). The next stop on the tour is located where a two-car garage now stands, attached to the home at 911 Elma Nash Boulevard.


“Ruleville Civil Rights Driving Tour”