Marlow Plantation

Note: This site is located on private property outside Ruleville and is included here only to provide historical context.

In the early 1960s, Fannie Lou Hamer worked as a timekeeper on the Marlow Plantation. In late August of 1962, SNCC workers James Bevel and Bob Moses persuaded 18 Ruleville residents to go to the county courthouse in Indianola and attempt to register to vote. Mrs. Hamer was a part of this group which made a first unsuccessful attempt on August 31. Upon returning home, Hamer received an ultimatum from W.D. Marlow: stop trying to register to vote or get off the plantation. Hamer had no intention of giving up the struggle for civil rights. She left the Marlow plantation and stayed wit Mary Tucker, a friend living in Ruleville.

At the intersection of OB Avenue and Elisha and Everrett Langdon Street near William Chapel Missionary Baptist Church, turn right and proceed east a few hundred yards to a vacant lot on the right side of the road (look for the curb cut).


“Ruleville Civil Rights Driving Tour”