Mary Tucker Home Site

This vacant lot on what was formerly known as Byron Street was the location of Mary Tucker’s home. Area whites knew that Fannie Lou Hamer had moved here after leaving the Marlow plantation. When Hamer learned that her friend’s home was in danger because of her presence, she moved north, staying with a niece in Tallahatchie County. On September 10, 1962, night riders fired shots into several homes in Ruleville, including Mary Tucker’s. As historian J. Todd Moye notes in his book Let the People Decide, “At Tucker’s home, shots went through one wall at about the point where Hamer’s head would have been had she still been sleeping there.”
Proceed east on Elisha and Everett Langdon Street (aka Byron Street) to the intersection of L.F. Packer Drive. The next stop is the house on the southeast corner of this intersection, across the street on your right.


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