McDonald Home Site

Although it no longer exists, Joe & Rebecca McDonald’s home once was located on this site (formerly 909 Reden Street). The McDonalds were active throughout the Civil Rights Movement regardless of the personal cost. They were the first to open their home to SNCC workers, taking in Charles McLaurin and Charlie Cobb, Jr. in August of 1962. McLaurin remembers: “Many times the mayor told Mr. Joe to get us out of his house or he would have real trouble, but Mr. Joe stood his ground.” McDonald continued to support the Civil Rights Movement even after losing his job because of it. Rebecca McDonald was an active leader at William Chapel, and threw her support behind the movement despite opposition from several church members.
Turn around and proceed west on Elma Nash Boulevard two blocks back to the intersection with L.F. Packer Drive. Turn right, followed by a quick left onto Lafayette Street. Stop #5 is on the right side of the street near a large pecan tree.