Jackson, Woodrow “Champ”: Oral History

WOODROW “CHAMP”JACKSON was born February 10, 1921 in Tchula, Mississippi. He is recognized for preparing the body of Emmett Till for return to his mother in Chicago in 1955. After serving in World War II, he moved to Tutwiler in 1948 and was employed at the Tutwiler Funeral Home and the Tutwiler Furniture Store. He later worked for the Delta Burial Funeral Home until 2003. In his oral history, he and his wife talk about their knowledge of the Emmett Till case.

Interview with Woodrow Jackson, part 1 of 12:

Tallahatchie County – Interview with Woodrow Jackson 01 from Winter Institute on Vimeo.

Part 1 of 12 of his full interview can also be viewed here.